Dynamics CRM & SharePoint 2010 Integration – Useful Links

I’ve been investigating CRM to SharePoint integration recently, and I wanted to share the following excellent posts. All credit goes to the authors – these guides have really helped my understanding of how to integrate:

One thing that should be considered is the security aspects; again this linked security configuration guide from the original posts offers some insight.

One point the author makes is that although there is good out-of-the-box integration, everything ends up in the same Site Collection/Content Database in SharePoint. This is obviously not scalable*, and leads to issues when backing up Content Databases.

* See this SharePoint Capacity Management guide for recommend Content Database sizes

For a customer I’m working with, we can do two things:

1) Create the site collections dynamically, and store the documents.
2) Create the site collections up from, and us an algorithm to determine where to place documents.

I’ve opted for the latter, as creating a site collection up front through PowerShell with it’s own content database is relatively straightforward. Do this for the estimated number of years worth of sites you need and you’re good to go. Again, this excellent guide helped me out Create Site Collection in New Content Database Script


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