Long time updating!

Hey all,

So my blog has been neglected for a few months now (5! – wow, sorry). I do have a good excuse though. Well a couple actually.

Excuse #1!

So during the summer, I organised a coding camp for teenagers. It’s called Kainos CodeCamp and it was all about teaching young people what a career in IT is like, and also to bridge the gap between ICT (Spreadsheets, Word, PowerPoint, depression) and real software development. I even ended up talking about it on BBC news 🙂

Go check out the site for yourself, or watch the highlight video here


Excuse #2!

The second excuse is that a project I’ve been working on for 2+ years went into UAT. I can’t go into too much detail (obviously), but suffice to say that it’s a Claims and Policy management system built upon Dynamics CRM 2011 with MVC4, Web API, Knockout JS, Twitter Bootstrap and other cool things. It even has Fuzzy matching in the for fraud detection. I’ve been exceptionally busy with that, as the team had 22 people on it at one point.

So what next?

Exciting times are ahead. I’ll be involved in some Government work using new a new tech stack. I’m also switching to using a Mac, which will be pretty cool for me.

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