New Year, New Role, New Tech

Open SourceSo, 2014 is here, and it’s been here for nearly 3 months. I’ve been quiet, but thats because I’m now working on a new project based in Bristol. Strangely it’s a million miles from the tech that I normally work with, i.e. principally .NET.

This new project is all open source. We’re talking PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Java, Vagrant, Puppet, shell scripts, Mongodb, Memcached, SAML and potentially cool things like yubikeys. Additionally it’s Agile based and I’ve a big whiteboard with all my tech stories on it. Class stuff.

I cant go into details on the project, except to say that it’s a big one for me and I’m absolutely loving it. This blog will change over the next few weeks or so as I adopt a new colour scheme and theme.

Anyway, it’s good to be back on here. Took me a while as I’ve moved to using a mac and haven’t a clue what tools to use to get access again 🙂

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